Rugby and French
Rugby Skills and French Language Summer Camps
for Boys aged 11-18
Established 21 Years
to the multi-activity, rugby, surfing, sailing, kayaking and language summer camp
Nigel Osborne +353 (0)87 244 8868 / Sales (Joe Walsh Tours ) +353 (0)1 2410800
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Supervisors Soustons France OB Sports Gear

Daily Planner

Timetable / Typical Day
  • 07.45 Wake up
  • 08.00 Breakfast
  • 08.45 French Class
  • 10.00 Finish Class prepare for Rugby
  • 10.30 Rugby
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 14.00 Afternoon Activities : Surfing, Sailing, Beach, Kayaking, Touch Rugby
  • 17.30 - 18.30 French Oral Class
  • 18.30 Rugby Match Practice
  • 19.30 Dinner
  • 20.30 Evening Activity Quiz, Trip to Market, Trip to Bull Ring, DVD, etc.
  • 23.00 Bed
  • 23.30 Lights Out

Food and Culture

The food is excellent and specific for young sportsmen. The boys are provided with 3 set meals per day. The lunch and dinner are 3 courses and all menus have been prepared with the advice of a rugby nutrionalist.

Cultural events consist of regular open air street markets, bull running, local games, festivals and rugby matches.


1. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited at all times and is punishable with immediate expulsion, the cost of which will be charged to the parents/guardian.
2. Participants are not allowed leave the centre without an instructors permission under any circumstances
3. All activities are to be attended punctually.


Now entering its 21th year The French Sports and Language Centre is continually evolving to produce a great learning and cultural experience for young rugby and french enthusiasts between the ages of 11 and 18. This year will see further development in the activities and facilities available.

French Curriculum

  • Your French teacher (Pat Fox) is hugely experienced.
  • The French curriculum is designed to help all students improve their French language skills, to help ensure they can ask for help, inquire about accommodation and make other enquiries such as ask for directions, etc. all essential for communication in a foreign environment. This type of aural and oral comprehension now accounts for 45% of the state exams. It also builds confidence and this is key in the student wanting to develop.
  • All levels are French aree cater for : Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.
  • There will be two french lessons each day.
  • The fact they will be immersed in all aspects of French life will speed up the learning process and make it more enjoyable, they can also experience French history, food, sport and local festivals.

Sporting Curriculum

  • The core sport is Rugby. The emphasis is on increasing skill levels, communication and decision making. This combined with fitness work will make the game more enjoyable and the player more effective in a team context. All levels and sizes are catered for.
  • Nigel Osborne an experienced full accredited IRFU level 2 head coach, with over 20 years playing and coaching experience in the All-Ireland League. Nigel has also worked with Stade Francias in the French top 14 competition and as a senior cup coach with C.B.C. Monkstown in Dublin.
  • Former guest coaches have included : Roger Uttley , Brian o'Driscoll, Denis Hickie, Serge Betsen , Diego Dominguez, Richard Pool-Jones, Jason Leonard, Jerome Thion and many others.
  • All levels are catered for and teamwork, technique and enjoyment are of most importance.