Rugby and Language Camp
Rugby / Multisport and French/English/Spanish Language Summer School
Established 23 Years, for Boys and Girls aged 10-18
to the multi activity, Rugby, Surfing, Sailing, Life Skills, all done with the values of Rugby at its core.
Nigel Osborne +353 (0)87 244 8868
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How far is the centre from the airport?
    All of the airports we use are within 1 hour and 30 minutes of our base.

  2. How do you prevent sunstroke?
    All children must attend outdoor activities with a hat on. They must always have their water bottle and wear a minimum of factor 20 sunscreen.

  3. How much French do they learn?
    We will provide a diary with all of the French lessons in it. We ask all parents to acknowledge the receipt of this by signing the diary. This subsequently should let the participant know that you are expecting him to return his diary to you with it properly filled in.

  4. What is the food like?
    The food is excellent and very healthy. The centre is used by many international teams with stringent dietary requirements such as the French international rugby teams,the Dutch and German International rowing teams. It is however French and it therefore may be different to what the boys are used to.

  5. Who are the supervisors?
    There is a full list of supervisors on the website. They have been through an extensive interview process. All of this process is on record should it be required

  6. What happens in case of an injury or illness?
    There are phones situated around the centre with emergency numbers. There is also a first aid room onsite as well as our own first aid staff.

  7. What accommodation do they have?
    The boys are in a tented village. These are tents with wooden floors and bunk beds. Each boy receives a pillow and extra blankets should he require them.

  8. Are the boys allowed off the campus?
    No, not without our permission or one of the supervisors being with them.

  9. Are there other groups at the centre?
    Yes, there are often other French, English, Spanish and German groups who use the centre. This makes for a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

  10. Are there washing and laundry facilities?
    Yes. There are washing and drying facilities on site which the boys may use.

  11. What coaches do the boys get to see?
    The guest coaches are never confirmed until the last minute due to their hectic schedules but we will endeavour to provide suitably acceptable guest coaches.

  12. How can we contact the boys?
    By phone or email. You will be given these details in their pre-camp pack.

  13. Who looks after the money and passports?
    We strongly advise that the boys use the bank facility for all items of value including money and passports.

  14. What is the weather like?
    We are based on the Atlantic coast and are therefore liable to more unsettled weather than the Mediterranean coast. The average daytime temperature in July /august is 27 Celsius or 81 Fahrenheit.

  15. What is the rugby level?
    We cater for all levels. All participants are assessed and given appropriate goals for the course.