Rugby and French
Rugby Skills and French Language Summer Camps
for Boys aged 11-18
Established 21 Years
to the multi-activity, rugby, surfing, sailing, kayaking and language summer camp
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Language Classes

French Programme

Pat Fox is leading our French programme.


Pat will be present and will be helping put in place and teaching our French language programme.

Pat is hugely experienced with 40 years teaching FRENCH FOR THE STATE EXAMS and 25 years marking the same exams.

A hugely popular teacher at CBC Monkstown in Dublin where he was VICE PRINCIPAL for 23 years 1990-2013 and for 4 years as Principal.

Pat loves all things french and has a fantastic capacity to bring his cheery and always positive attitude to any group he works with.

We are sure he can help develop a love of the french language and also give students a real head start in their EXAM PREPARATION.

Pat has Forty years teaching and preparing students for french language state exams at higher level and Twenty five marking state exam papers.

Check out our french curriculum / day planner .

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English Programme


Our language partner is PACE Language Institute. PACE was established in 1990 and specialise in General English, Cambridge Exam preparation courses, business English and Language plus activities and all year round Junior programmes. PACE is accredited by ACELS (Irish Department of Education) and is a member of MEI (Marketing English in Ireland) and IALC (International Association of Language Centres).

Like our sporting programs all students will be assessed based on information received and a standard assessment test and placed in a class that is appropriate to the student in question. All of Pace’s teaching staff are fully qualified and meet the requirements demanded by the Irish Department of Education.